Monthly Archives: September 2016


Episode 10: ProOOooduct Review

When impulse-buy sex toys are delivered, who better to review them than your friendly neighbourhood podcasters! Join us tonight as alyce gracefully endures Sir H’s selection in a (mostly) non-xxx rated, pajama-clad sex toy review. Art by piratehippy on DeviantArt

Episode 9: Trans-parency

Some topics are avoided simply out of fear. Unfortunately, when questions remain unanswered and clarity is lacking, this tends to breed even more fear. In O/our opinion, the best way to overcome fear is through education and constructive dialogue. Join us tonight as Anna, a LGBTQ Activist, throws back the curtains on her own journey … Continue reading Episode 9: Trans-parency

Episode 8: Camping, BDSM Benefits and 24/7 vs Scene

What happens when kitty’s hypothetical extra-curricular activities go awry? What about when she realizes that alyce is not quite as “normal” as she once thought? Join us tonight as we also take a sneak peek into kitty’s closet to see what she has in store for the next corporate-sponsored casual day!  

Episode 7: NCSF Delta Forces

An acronym is a very powerful literary device. They always hint to the additional information contained within. They can be humorous, convenient, downright silly, or incredibly educational. Join Sir H and alyce in their exploration of the acronym NCSF and learn why they would be considered a part of the Delta Force of the BDSM … Continue reading Episode 7: NCSF Delta Forces

Episode 5: Journals, Go-Carts and “Whats in kitty’s freezer!”

Have you ever thought to yourself “What is in kitty’s freezer?”. I’ve never given it a passing thought. In fact, it wasn’t even on my radar … until now. Tune in tonight to find out what has us shocked, entertained, and thoroughly uneasy as we wind our way through fashion, journaling, go carts and finally … Continue reading Episode 5: Journals, Go-Carts and “Whats in kitty’s freezer!”