Anna Talyn

I’m a Nordic chic that grew up in the way upper midwest and recently moved to the south. I’m a mother of 2, writer, personal development coach, adventure group outings organizer (like hiking and caving).  I am starting an online radio show, I am a human rights and LGBTQ activist and speak at conferences or businesses. At my work life I’ve been in leadership roles since I was 15. I am divorced and now in a great relationship living together with my partner. Oh, and some may find it interesting to note that I am also transgender, lesbian, and happier than ever since transitioning.  I learned long ago that you need to create yourself, or society will, and they don’t even know you.

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Other Media Experience

The Empiricists, Atlanta, GA — Mixed Media Radio Show – January 2016
Producer, writer,  Co-host of the Online radio show including live broadcast, video interview,  and YouTube videos.

Mercer University, Macon, GA — Documentary – November 2015
Documentary Study for Mercer Education Library interviewing regarding my real life experiences and views as a transgender person.

Blast Films, UK — DocuDrama – March 2014
Docu-Reality show for Discovery networks featuring transgender persons during their start of gender transition. Project made it to test interview scenes on camera before project halted from a competing project. Story Producer: Sarah Lambert (London).

Auntie Bellum Magazine — Article, Writer – June 2015
A life experience piece published discussing the modern trans family

Anna’s Youtube Page